OK folks – first, here’s the non-legalese ground rules for using this site and respecting the Roasting Pigeons community.

We will review writings that have been flagged as inappropriate and remove them if they violate these rules, or violate the User and/or Reader Agreements that you signed. Repeated offenses may result in your submissions being banned from the Roasting Pigeons site. If you feel that your submission has been unfairly flagged you may appeal directly to us, but, ultimately, it’s our site and we will determine what is appropriate for submission.

So, while we expect that most readers and writers are only visiting the Roasting Pigeons site for the sheer pleasure of reading and having your work read, here are the ground rules to keep in mind when submitting your work:

  • Roasting Pigeons is not a site for pornography or extremely sexually explicit material. We will report to the authorities any writing that promotes the sexual exploitation of children.
  • Do not submit writings to Roasting Pigeons promoting violence or illegal acts that endanger others.
  • Do not submit writings that specifically stock, humiliate or otherwise intimidate another individual or individuals.
  • Do not submit writings that are trying to deliberately shock, disgust or gross-out readers.
  • We will remove any writing from the Roasting Pigeons’ site that purposely slurs or attacks a group of people based on gender, race, sexual orientation, religion or nationality.
  • Please, please, respect copyright. Do not try to pass off someone else’s work as your own. Do not attempt to copy someone’s work off of the Roasting Pigeon’s site and pass it off as your own on another site. These activities are illegal. You agreed to not do so when you signed off on the legal agreements necessary in order to register for the Roasting Pigeons site. Now, on the positive side, do go ahead and have fun and be creative on this site.
  • Submit that award winning novel that you’ve had stashed on your computer but were too shy to have anyone read. You retain the copyright to your own work.
  • Quit just having those great plot ideas only exist in your head, and put them down, so to speak, on paper. You now have a free and widely seen venue for your work, so take advantage of it.
  • Track the responses you get from your own writings. If you plan to present your work to a publisher, the track record your work creates is evidence to that publisher of your readership.
  • Read fresh and innovative writing that, if it had to take the slow and traditional route, may never have seen the light of day.
  • Read through the endeavors of others and give them some fair, constructive feedback.
  • Have the pleasure of following the work of someone who becomes one of your favorite authors on the site.

Roasting Pigeons is a community of literature buffs. Enjoy it, use it for the purposes it was created for and happy reading and writing to all of you in the community.


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